KORE Members


Laam Hae is an Associate Professor in the Department of Politics at York University. She studies and teaches subjects regarding urban political economy and social movements with the framework of socialist feminism and critical-race theory. Hae has written about popular struggles over gentrification, city marketing, zoning regulations, the militarization of urban space and “the right to the city,” both in North America and East Asia (specializing particularly in South Korea).

Theresa Hyun is a Full Professor of the Department of Humanities at York University, where she teaches Korean culture and literature. Her representative book-length publications include: Writing Women in Korea (University of Hawaii, 2004), A Cup of Tea at P’anmunjum (original Korean-English poetry) (2012) and Riding the Peace Express (original Korean-English poetry (2016), both from Siwa Sihak. Her current research focuses on literary translation in North Korea.

Mihyon Jeon is an Associate Professor of the Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics, York University. She investigates language ideologies and maintenance issues among Korean immigrants as well as the transnational experiences of native-speaking English teachers. Her articles appeared in many journals, including Journal of SociolinguisticsModern Language JournalJournal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, and Heritage Language Journal.

Hong Kal is an Associate Professor of Visual Art and Art History at the School of the Arts, Media, Performance, and Design at York University. She teaches art and visual culture of East Asia. She is the author of Aesthetic Constructions of Korean Nationalism: Spectacle, Politics and History (Routledge, 2011). Her current research focuses on trauma art, socially engaged art, and artistic intervention in gentrification in Korea.

Ann H. Kim is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology at York University. Her research interests include three main areas: migration studies, race and ethnicity, and urban sociology. She is the co-editor of Korean Immigrants in Canada: Perspectives on Migration, Integration and the Family (2012), and Outward and Upward Mobilities: International Students in Canada, Their Families, and Structuring Institutions (2019), both from the University of Toronto Press.

Thomas Klassen is a Professor in the School of Public Policy and Administration at York University. He has been a Visiting Professor in many institutions in Korea, including Yonsei University. His publications include the edited volumes, Retirement in Japan and South Korea: The past, the present and the future of mandatory retirement (2015); Korea's retirement predicament: The ageing tiger (2014); and Retirement, work and pensions in ageing Korea (2010).

Ahrong Lee is an Assistant Professor of the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics. She received her Ph.D. in English (2009), concentrating in Linguistics, from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. Her research interests include Korean linguistics, second-language acquisition, foreign-language pedagogy, curriculum development, and the integration of technology in foreign-language education.

Hyun Ok Park is an Associate Professor of Sociology at York University. Her research focuses on global capitalism, critical theory. transnationalism and diaspora, and empire. She is the author of Two Dreams in One Bed: Empire, Social Life, and the Origins of the North Korean Revolution in Manchuria (Duke University Press, 2005), and The Capitalist Unconscious: From Korean Unification to Transnational Korea (Columbia University Press, 2015).