Cluster 5: Member Bios

Hong Kal is an Associate Professor of Visual Art and Art History at the School of the Arts, Media, Performance, and Design at York University. She teaches art and visual culture of East Asia. She is the author of Aesthetic Constructions of Korean Nationalism: Spectacle, Politics and History (Routledge, 2011). Her current research focuses on trauma art, socially engaged art, and artistic intervention in gentrification in Korea.

Laam Hae is an Associate Professor in the Department of Politics at York University. She studies and teaches subjects regarding urban political economy and social movements with the framework of socialist feminism and critical-race theory. Hae has written about popular struggles over gentrification, city marketing, zoning regulations, the militarization of urban space and “the right to the city,” both in North America and East Asia (specializing particularly in South Korea).

Yoonkyung Lee is Associate Professor in Sociology at the University of Toronto. She is a political sociologist specializing in labour politics, social movements, political representation, and the political economy of neoliberalism with a regional focus on East Asia. She is also the Korea Foundation Endowed Chair of Korean Studies (2016-2021). She is the author of Militants or Partisans: Labor Unions and Democratic Politics in Korea and Taiwan (Stanford University Press, 2011) and numerous journal articles that have appeared in Globalizations, Studies in Comparative International Development, Asian Survey, Journal of Contemporary Asia, Critical Asian Studies, Global Asia, and Korea Observer.