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Banana? Fresh Off the Boat?: Self-Perceptions and Dissociating from Other Koreans

Panelists Grace Kangmeehae Lee, President, KMH Future Financial Planning Inc. and Co-Founder, Citadel Property Management Group (1st gen) Harry Kim, Project Coordinator, City of Toronto (1.5 gen) Jean Kim, Co-Founder, LYP Program Inc. (1.5 gen) Henna Choi, Lawyer, Karoly Law (2nd gen) Edward Jang, YorkU Schulich Undergraduate Student (2nd gen) With moderator, Hannah Sung Award-winning […]

Suffering and Smile: Everyday Life in North Korea | Audio Recording Available

Event organized by Jesook Song (Anthropology, University of Toronto), Yoonkyung Lee (Sociology, University of Toronto) and Laam Hae (Politics, York University) SPEAKER BYUNG-HO CHUNG Emeritus Professor, Hanyang University “Smile Broadly!” is the title of a dynamic performance by children in the Arirang Festival. The scene symbolically shows the culture that can command a smile to […]