New Generation Korean 1

New Generation Korean 1 is designed for Korean language learners at the secondary and post-secondary education levels, and for independent self-study adult learners. It presents learning goals and best practice lessons developed by professors with extensive Korean language experience. With classroom-tested lessons, New Generation Korean 1 will guide students to effective and efficient learning of the Korean language and an appreciation of the Korean culture, while supporting the teaching and learning of Korean in a fun and effective way.

The textbook is accompanied by a vocabulary app, web-based workbook, and teaching resources. Intermediate-level textbook and workbook will be published in the subsequent years.

The authors of the textbook series are Mihyon Jeon, York University; Kyungrok Ko, University of Toronto; Daehee Kim, Wonkwang University; Yujeong Choi, University of Toronto; and Ahrong Lee, York University.